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How does Edmonton auto insurance work?

The Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB) of Alberta regulates the criteria car insurance companies can use to rate customers; this directly impacts Edmonton car insurance prices. The auto insurance industry is also overseen by the Alberta Superintendent of Insurance. It is mandatory to purchase insurance coverage from a private insurer if you drive a vehicle in Edmonton or anywhere else in the province. There are three mandatory coverages, which everyone must have, and multiple optional coverages available, depending on your needs.

Mandatory insurance for drivers in Edmonton

  1. Third-Party Liability: Third-party liability coverage is mandatory because if you are in some way responsible for an accident-causing injury or damage to a third party, your insurance will help pay for any lawsuits filed against you.
  2. Direct Compensation for Property Damage (DCPD)
    DCPD will pay to repair or replace your car if it's damaged in an accident that you weren't at fault for causing. Your insurance company will compensate you; you won't have to deal with the at-fault driver at all. Making a DCPD claim won't affect your premium in the future and there's no deductible. Alberta introduced Direct Compensation for Property Damage as part of the Automobile Insurance Reforms in October 2020. DCPD replaced the property damage portion of the third-party liability coverage on a driver's auto insurance policy effective January 1, 2022.
  3. Accident Benefits: Having Accident Benefits is also mandatory for your insurance policy. This covers medical/rehabilitation costs, death benefits, funeral expenses and income replacement in the event of an injury resulting from a car accident.

Without this minimum coverage, you are not able to register your automobile. Driving an unregistered and uninsured automobile is illegal in Canada.

Optional insurance for drivers in Edmonton

Most drivers in Edmonton supplement the mandatory (basic) insurance by purchasing additional coverage. Here are some of the optional coverages available to drivers in Edmonton:

  1. Collision: If your vehicle is damaged in a collision with another vehicle, an object, or the ground, collision coverage pays for your vehicle's repair. There is usually a deductible amount for this coverage.
  2. Comprehensive: Covers damage resulting from an event other than a collision, such as hail, vandalism, theft, or fire. There is usually a deductible amount for this coverage.
  3. Specified Perils: This coverage is a more limited version of comprehensive coverage. It covers damage from specific events such as fire, lightning, theft, etc. There is usually a deductible amount for this coverage.
  4. Endorsements: An endorsement is an attachment that increases or reduces coverage to a standard automobile policy. Some common coverages under this are Comprehensive Cover Limited Glass (SEF 13D) which limits the coverage on a vehicle's glass for a reduced premium, and Accident Rating Waiver (SEF 39), protecting the renewal of your insurance from increasing due to an at-fault accident involving your insured vehicle, among others.

The Grid program

The Grid rating program was developed to establish the maximum rate insurance companies can charge for basic coverage. Over 90% of Alberta drivers do not pay grid rates, according to the AIRB.

Insurance companies must compare a driver's rate under their current rating program to a driver's rate calculated for the grid and charge the lesser of the two rates.

A Grid step is a position on a scale that measures licensed experience and at-fault accident claims. Each step is associated with a percentage used in the grid rate calculation. These steps are part of the Grid Rating Program, which sets maximum rates for basic auto insurance coverage (third-party liability bodily injury, property damage tort and accident benefits) that insurance companies can charge. The number of collisions and driving experience determine a driver's Grid step.

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Mandatory & optional car insurance coverage in Edmonton

Insurance typeMandatory coverageOptional/ Additional Coverage
Accident benefitsSometimes called no-fault benefits or Section B benefits, this covers costs associated with income replacement up to 80% of weekly earnings (max. $400 per week) for up to two years; medical treatment up to $50,000 per person per accident; funeral expenses of up to $5,000 per person; death benefits of $10,000 for head of household plus $2,000 to each dependent, $15,000 for first survivor and $4,000 for each additional survivor; $10,000 for the death of the spouse of the head of the household. 
Direct Compensation for Property Damage (DCPD)This coverage, introduced in Alberta at the beginning of 2022, means that the driver’s own insurance company compensates the driver for damages following a collision for which the driver is not at fault. Alberta’s previous system, which was tort-based, required that drivers who were not at-fault to seek compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. This approach tends to be time-consuming and costly. 
Third-party LiabilityAlso known as third-party liability, this covers costs associated with lawsuits pertaining to injury, deaths, or damage to property of a third party in which you are responsible. The mandatory minimum policy limit is $200,000. According to AIRB, over 98% of Alberta’s drivers opt for additional liability coverage.The most common coverage limits are $500,000, $1 million and $2 million.
Collision coverageOptionalCovers car replacement or repair costs if your car is damaged in a collision and the policyholder is at fault.
Specified perilsOptionalCovers damage from perils specifically named in the Alberta auto insurance policy, such as attempted theft, damage in transport, earthquake, explosions, fire, lightning, riots or windstorm.
All-perilsOptionalCovers many perils, broadly, has similarities to collision and comprehensive coverage.
Accident Rating Waiver (SEF 39)OptionalPrevents an Alberta car insurance premium from going up following a collision in which the policyholder is at fault.
Family Protection (SEF 44)OptionalProtects drivers in a collision with an underinsured or uninsured driver. Will cover the difference if costs exceed the other driver’s insurance benefit.
Legal Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobiles (SEF 27)OptionalExtends physical damage coverage to include rental cars. Drivers with this endorsement on their policies don’t need to purchase additional coverage when they rent a car.
Limited Glass (SEF 13D)OptionalReduces the amount of coverage for glass damage in exchange for a lower premium.
Limited Waiver of Depreciation (SEF 43R)OptionalWaives depreciation on the repair or replacement of a new vehicle following damage from a covered peril. Is usually applicable to vehicles that are less than two years old.
Loss of Use (SEF 20)OptionalCompensation for transportation costs up to a limit when a vehicle is damaged due to a covered peril.
Towing and Emergency Services (SEF 35)OptionalCoverage for towing and other emergency service costs when a vehicle is disabled, and the driver doesn’t have roadside assistance.

How much does Edmonton car insurance cost?

On average, Edmonton drivers pay some of Canada's highest auto insurance premiums. The highest estimated average car insurance premium is $2,195. The lowest estimated premium is $1,940.

We pulled the data for you in the table below. Your forward sortation area is the first three characters of your postal code.

If you want to see how your premium compares to drivers in another city in Alberta, check out the RATESDOTCA Insuramap data for the complete picture of car insurance prices in the province.

Forward sortation areaNeighbourhoodAverage annual premium
T5ABelmont, Belvedere, Casselman, Homesteader, Kennedale Industrial, Kernohan, Northeast Edmonton$2,195
T5BAlberta Avenue, Bellevue, Cromdale, Eastwood, Industrial Heights, Montrose, North Central Edmonton, Northeast Edmonton$2,195
T5CBalwin, Belvedere, Delwood, Kildare, Kilkenny, Northeast Edmonton$2,195
T5ECalder, Evansdale, Glengarry, Griesbach, Killarney, Lauderdale, Northeast Edmonton, Northwest Edmonton$2,195
T5GAlberta Avenue, Edmonton Municipal Airport, North Central Edmonton$2,195
T5HBoyle Street, Central McDougall, McCauley, North Central Edmonton$2,195
T5LBaranow, Bonaventure Industrial, Calder, Dominion Industrial, Dovercourt, Hagmann Estate Industrial, Huff Bremner Estate Industrial, McArthur Industrial, Northwest Edmonton$2,195
T5WAbbottsfield, Beacon Heights, Beverly, Highlands, Industrial Heights, Montrose, Newton, Northeast Edmonton$2,195
T5JDowntown, Downtown Edmonton, North Central Edmonton$2,148
T5KDowntown, North Central Edmonton, Oliver$2,148
T5XBaranow, Baturyn, Beaumaris, Carlisle, Dunluce, Eaux Claires, Lorelei, Northwest Edmonton$2,148
T5YBannerman, Brintnell, Clareview Campus, Cy Becker, Fraser, Gorman Industrial West, Hairsine, Matt Berry, McConachie Area, Miller, Northeast Edmonton$2,148
T5ZBelle Rive, Eaux Claires, Klarvatten, Lago Lindo, Mayliewan, Northeast Edmonton$2,148
T6VBaranow, Cumberland, Hudson, Mistatim Industrial, Northwest Edmonton$2,148
T5VCarleton Square Industrial, Gagnon Estate Industrial, Garside Industrial, Hawin Park Estate Industrial, Kinokamau Plains Area, Mistatim Industrial, Mitchell Industrial, Northwest Edmonton$2,137
T6BDavies Industrial East, Eastgate Business Park, Girard Industrial, Kenilworth, Lambton Industrial, Morris Industrial, Northeast Edmonton, Pylypow Industrial, Roper Industrial, Southeast Edmonton$2,137
T6CAvonmore, Bonnie Doon, Cloverdale, Coronet Addition Industrial, Holyrood, Idylwylde, King Edward Park, South Central Edmonton, Southeast Edmonton$2,137
T6PMaple Ridge, Maple Ridge Industrial, Southeast Edmonton$2,126
T6SClover Bar Area, Northeast Edmonton$2,126
T6ACapilano, Eastgate Business Park, Forest Heights, Fulton Place, Gold Bar, Northeast Edmonton$2,115
T5MAlberta Park Industrial, Garside Industrial, High Park Industrial, Huff Bremner Estate Industrial, Inglewood, Jasper Place, Northwest Edmonton, West Edmonton$2,100
T5NCrestwood, Glenora, Grovenor, North Central Edmonton, West Edmonton$2,100
T5PBritannia Youngstown, Canora, Glenwood, Jasper Place, West Edmonton$2,100
T5RElmwood, Jasper Park, Jasper Place, Laurier Heights, Meadowlark Park, Parkview, West Edmonton$2,100
T5SArmstrong Industrial, Edmiston Industrial, McNamara Industrial, Morin Industrial, Northwest Edmonton, Place LaRue, Stone Industrial, West Edmonton$2,100
T5TBelmead, Callingwood South, Glastonbury, Summerlea, Terra Losa, West Edmonton$2,100
T6ECoronet Industrial, Davies Industrial West, McIntyre Industrial, Papaschase Industrial, Queen Alexandra, Rosedale Industrial, South Central Edmonton, Southeast Edmonton, Strathcona Junction$2,100
T6GGarneau, McKernan, South Central Edmonton, University of Alberta$2,100
T6HAllendale, Brander Gardens, Calgary Trail North, Empire Park, Lendrum Place, Pleasantview, Southwest Edmonton, Strathcona Junction$2,100
T6KEkota, Kameyosek, Lee Ridge, Menisa, Meyonohk, Michaels Park, Mill Woods Town Centre, Richfield, Satoo, Southeast Edmonton$2,100
T6LBisset, Crawford Plains, Daly Grove, Greenview, Jackson Heights, Kiniski Gardens, Meyokumin, Mill Woods Town Centre, Minchau, Pollard Meadows, Sakaw, Southeast Edmonton$2,100
T6MDonsdale, Gariepy, Jamieson Place, Oleskiw, Rural West, The Hamptons, Wedgewood Heights, West Edmonton$2,100
T6NEdmonton Research and Development Park, Parsons Industrial, South Edmonton Common, Southeast Edmonton$2,100
T6RBulyea Heights, Carter Crest, Falconer Heights, Haddow, Hodgson, Leger, MacTaggart, Magrath Heights, Rhatigan Ridge, Southwest Edmonton$2,100
T6WAmbleside, Blackmud Creek, Heritage Valley Area, Rutherford, Southwest Edmonton$2,100
T6XEllerslie, Ellerslie Industrial, Southeast Edmonton$2,100
T6JBlue Quill, Calgary Trail South, Duggan, Ermineskin, Greenfield, Keheewin, Rideau Park, Skyrattler, Southwest Edmonton$1,940
T6TLarkspur, Laurel, Silver Berry, Southeast Edmonton$1,940

The cheapest car insurance in Edmonton

The cheapest car insurance in Edmonton can be found in the T6T and T6J postal code areas at $1,940 per year. The neighbourhoods within these areas include Larkspur, Laurel, Silver Berry, Southeast Edmonton, Blue Quill, Calgary Trail South, Duggan, Ermineskin, Greenfield, Keheewin, Rideau Park, Skyrattler, and Southwest Edmonton.

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Compare Edmonton car insurance premiums against other Alberta regions


Automobile drivers in the big cities of Alberta end up paying way more for car insurance than ones in smaller cities, with Edmonton being the second most expensive city for insurance after Calgary. It costs Edmonton drivers $412 more per year than the cheapest car insurance cities like Sylvan Lake, Red Deer and Medicine Hat.

To fairly compare cities, we used the same driver profile to pull quotes: a 35-year-old man driving a 2018 Honda Civic with a conviction and claims-free insurance record.

CityGeographic designation/population sizePremium
CalgaryLarge urban / 1,372,178$2,230
EdmontonLarge urban / 1,057,181$2,124
AirdrieMedium / 77,027$2,000
LloydminsterMedium / 20,204$1,849
OkotoksMedium / 31,413$1,849
Grande PrairieMedium / 67,627$1,806
LethbridgeMedium / 101,799$1,780
Stony PlainSmall / 18,371$1,724
MorinvilleSmall / 10,442$1,724
Medicine HatMedium /65,203$1,722
Red DeerMedium / 104,392$1,712
Sylvan LakeSmall / 16,354$1,712

Factors that determine your Edmonton car insurance rate

Edmonton drivers can see their auto insurance change or be different from others depending on their driving expertise, claims history and more. These factors affect car insurance premiums:

  • Driving experience: New or young drivers generally pay more for car insurance than more experienced drivers. Creating that experience by driving with a clean record, few to no tickets, and a few years without accident claims will indicate to insurance providers that you are a "good risk." This will ultimately drive down your car insurance rate over time.
  • Location: It's true in real estate, and it's true for drivers. Where you live makes a difference. Higher-density areas with more traffic (and the possibility for more accidents/claims) will lead to higher insurance premiums. Some areas are deemed more likely to file claims if there are risks such as higher crime rates.
  • Driving habits: Premiums will vary depending on your driving needs. For example, your rates will fluctuate if you are a long-distance commuter versus a short-trip diver. In other words, the more you drive, the higher your rates are likely to be.
  • Vehicle type: Just like not all drivers are created equally, the same goes for cars. Vehicles with greater safety features may allow you to reduce premiums. However, luxury cars can also be more expensive to repair, affecting car insurance rates. Also, a souped-up vehicle with aftermarket accessories can change the rates you pay for car insurance. The vehicle's make and model (and year) can also affect the rate of insurance you will pay.
  • Gender: Unfortunately for younger males, gender plays a role in how insurance providers assess risk. Inexperienced, younger male drivers have usually deemed a higher risk than other drivers. Younger female drivers are considered less risky and will likely pay relatively lower insurance rates.
  • Your provider: Rates can fluctuate depending on your provider and if you have a history with them. Some offer bundled packages with other insurance or have different plans depending on your driving needs. 

What can I do to get cheaper car insurance in Edmonton?

While comparing quotes is the best way to find cheaper insurance in Edmonton, theres more you can do to drive the price down.

Increase your deductible

Most Edmontonians have a $500 deductible, but if you are willing to increase it to $1,000, you can save up to 10%.

Pay your premiums annually

Pay your premiums annually, in one lump sum, to avoid administrative fees associated with monthly payments.

Bundle your policies

Save up to 15 % when you buy home insurance from the same company that covers your car. If you rent in Edmonton, you can bundle car insurance with tenant insurance for similar savings.

Insure all cars together on the same policy

If you have more than one vehicle, save up to 20 % by insuring them on the same policy.

Review your policy annually

Each year, review your details and any optional coverages as listed on your policy. If you have moved jobs and commute less than before for example, a reduced annual mileage will lower your rate.

Ask about discounts

Ask your provider about any group discounts they offer. The most popular association discounts for Edmonton drivers are for the University of Alberta Alumni Association, NAIT, NAIT Students, MacEwan University, AUPE and University of Alberta Students.

Change your tires seasonally

Winters in Edmonton are notoriously cold and freezing, and wintry conditions inevitably lead to a spike in car accidents. Insurance companies will reward you with a discount of up to 5% if you have winter tires.

Go to school

Young drivers (under the age of 25) are a high-risk demographic for insurance companies and pay the most for coverage. Insurers will offer better rates to young Edmontonians who complete an accredited driver's training course.

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Real Edmonton drivers, real Edmonton auto insurance savings

Just a few examples of custom savings for drivers based in Alberta.

Savings: $516

Driver: Male, 35
From: Edmonton, Alberta
Driving: 2014 Ford Fusion

Savings: $567

Driver: Male, 29

From: Edmonton, Alberta

Driving: 2017 Hyundai Tucson

Savings: $325

Driver: Male, 42
From: Edmonton, Alberta
Driving: 2013 Ford Escape

Savings: $504

Driver: Male, 40
From: Edmonton, Alberta
Driving: 2015 RAM 1500

Savings: $550

Driver: Female, 38
From: Edmonton, Alberta
Driving: 2016 Audi TT

Savings: $419

Driver: Female, 31
From: Edmonton, Alberta
Driving: 2010 Honda Civic

*Represents the average saved by Edmonton shoppers who obtained an auto insurance quote on and transacted via our contact centre between January and December 2022. The average savings amount represents the difference between the shoppers’ average lowest quoted premium and the average of the second and third-lowest quoted premiums generated by

Frequently asked questions about auto insurance in Edmonton (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from drivers in Edmonton:

Why do I need car insurance in Edmonton?

Drivers in Edmonton cannot legally operate a vehicle without owning car insurance. Basic coverage (third-party liability and accident benefits) is required by law to ensure that you have adequate protection in the event of an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

Why does Edmonton car insurance cost so much?

Edmonton is one of the largest cities in Canada with a metro population of over 1.13 million (as of 2022). Bigger cities have higher insurance premiums than rural areas due to a higher rate of collisions and auto theft.

How can I find the cheapest car insurance in Edmonton?

Several factors determine what your car insurance is going to cost you. Factors like your choice of vehicle, driving patterns and history and the place you live can increase or decrease your auto insurance premium. Compare multiple auto insurance quotes and comparables on before zeroing in on one.

Who offers the cheapest auto insurance in Edmonton?

Find out who offers the cheapest auto insurance in Edmonton by shopping around. At you can compare auto insurance premium quotes by different insurance providers and make an informed choice of what’s best for you.

Why do Edmonton car insurance rates change over time?

Several factors play a role in increasing or decreasing your auto insurance. Edmonton drivers must consider the following factors when applying for auto insurance:

  • Where you live: Drivers who live in downtown Edmonton can expect to pay more than those who live on the rural outskirts.
  • Driving history and pattern: Staying accident and claims free is the best way to get cheaper insurance. According to internal data, 83.69% of Edmonton drivers have had no accidents in the past 10 years.
  • Time spent on the road: Less time spent driving means less chance of an accident. Use public transport and save up on your auto insurance. If you drive hundreds of kilometers everyday get ready to pay more than someone who drives occasionally.

Compare quotes and save on Edmonton auto insurance

Shopping around is the only way to find affordable auto insurance in Edmonton, but calling individual companies for comparative quotes can take a long time.

This is where can help. Answer a few questions about your driving experience and we will show you multiple quotes on one place. Comparing cost and coverage has never been so simple.

Our service is free and last year, drivers from Edmonton who compared quotes on saved an average of $1,210.