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What is insurance bundling? 

Bundling services and products is a tool that allows the consumer to purchase the services they need from one provider. In this case, consumers who need multiple forms of insurance for their cars, homes, rental apartments, condos and more, can use one provider for all of it, who will usually offer a discount for bundling all products together – which can range from 5% to 15% (as opposed to purchasing each individually at full price). This is like paying for cable, mobile phone service and internet from one provider at a discount.

Many providers package their insurance bundles in different combinations.

For example, home and auto insurance bundles are common as it is likely homeowners also own cars. Insurance companies want to attract and retain customers, and consumers want to save on the high prices of insuring their homes and autos individually.

Similar bundles exist for condo and auto insurance. Many downtown condo dwellers might not have as many cars as homeowners, but they still need to get around and bundling the two gives condo owners a cheaper rate as well.

Another bundle that insurance companies offer is for tenant insurance and auto insurance. Again, this allows tenants to get the cheapest insurance possible for their dwelling and auto needs.

Benefits of bundling insurance:

  • It’s a money saver. You’ll save anywhere from 5% to 15% by using multiple insurance services from one provider.
  • It’s a time save. Dealing with one provider and getting a quote from one company will save the hassle of research and shopping around.
  • Makes claims easier. Having all your auto, home, condo or tenant insurance under one roof can make it easier by dealing with one company should claims be necessary.
  • It builds a relationship with your provider. This allows you to get your questions answered and work with your provider when you need their assistance.

How much you can save when you bundling home and auto insurance.

Individually, average home insurance in Ontario costs $1,487 per year whereas auto insurance costs $1,748. Buying them separately would cost $3,235.

By bundling, you’d save 15% of that total number for savings of $485.25 or $2,749.75.

In Alberta, average auto insurance costs $1,991 per year and average home insurance costs $2,271 per year. Similar to Ontario, buying these two auto and home insurance premiums separately would cost $4,262 annually. By bunding this insurance you could save 15% or $639 per year.

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What do you need to know before bundling your home and auto insurance?

  • Decide on coverage type and amount: Saving money on insurance can be done by tailoring your coverage. You don't want to overpay or get the wrong insurance (or underinsure yourself). Once you’re clear on the different policy types, figure out if it makes financial sense to add additional coverage. In general, you’ll pay less for less protection.
  • Shop the competitors: Comparison shopping forn bundled insurance services is the single most effective way to lower your insurance costs. Using our free online tool, you can discover premiums from more than 50 of the most-trusted carriers across the country in less than three minutes. When you indicate that you’d like to your home and auto insurance policies, the free home insurance and auto insurance quotes you receive will reflect a discount of up to 15%.
  • Revisit your coverage annually: Consider changing your policy every time it’s up for renewal when there will be no penalty associated with a switch. Your insurance needs may have changed depending on your life situation and how or if things have changed in your world.

Frequently asked questions about home and auto insurance bundles

What you need to know when looking at bundling your insurance products.

What is a multi-line discount?

A multi-line discount reduces total insurance rates by up to 15% when customers purchase multiple types of insurance, such as home and auto coverage, from the same company.

When is home and auto insurance bundle not available?

There are times when home and auto insurance are not available. For example, high risk drivers that need specialty insurance may not be able to bundle as they would have to seek out a separate insurer for their auto needs.

Similarly, a home that is uninsurable or perhaps has had too many claims made on it would also force a consumer to seek out individual policies that meet their specific needs.

Will I get discount when I insure multi driver on a single policy?

Multiple drivers can benefit from a multi-car insurance policy and will have a single liability limit that covers all the vehicles and drivers. The policy will also have a single statutory benefits limit to protect all drivers and passengers. However, each vehicle can maintain its own coverage and limits when it comes to individual coverages. This allows you to put the right amount of coverage for each separate car.

Will a car insurance claim affect my home and auto insurance bundle discount?

It’s possible that you can lose your discount by making a claim. In some provinces, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick BC, and PEI, premiums stay the same if you are not at fault. But some insurance companies will often re-introduce a discount if you’ve been claims free for an extended period of time.

Will a home insurance claim affect my home and auto insurance bundle discount?

Yes, it is possible that your home insurance claim could affect your discount. In provinces like Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, BC and PEI, premiums stay the same if you are not at fault. However, some insurance companies will bring the discount back if you haven’t made a claim in a long time

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