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About TD Insurance

As one of Canada’s largest financial services, the Toronto-Dominion Bank Group, TD Insurance has a reputation for being one of the nation’s leading insurance groups.

TD Insurance provides a wide variety of insurance products including home and auto insurance, as well as life, travel, and health insurance.

Serving 1.2 million auto and home insurance customers across Canada, TD Insurance is the largest direct response insurance group in the country. Like most insurers, TD Insurance offers discounts when you bundle your car and home insurance, or if you drive an electric or hybrid car.

TD Car Insurance Features

Here are some of the features and benefits of getting an auto insurance policy with TD Insurance. 

TD Insurance Decreasing Deductible

For safe drivers, your good driving record can help you save on your insurance. Every year you are able to maintain a claim-free record, you earn a 10 percent decrease on select deductibles. This feature comes with no other additional cost. 

Benefit: It is completely automatic, which means if you are driving safe on the roads, based on your eligibility, your original deductible will decrease each year at renewal. Events like glass breakage of $200 or less, not-at-fault collision, or hit and run won’t be considered a claim. 

TD’s MyAdvantage

When you download the TD MyAdvantage app to your phone, you’ll have access to TD’s telematic car insurance feature. This app collects and analyzes driving data and assigns you a score while you’re on the road. Based on this score, you could save up to an additional 25 percent on your premium. What’s more, TD MyAdvantage also provides you with tips to drive safe and feedback on your driving.

Benefit: TD MyAdvantage app has a trial version that you can use for 30 days. It offers the same features as the fully activated version; however, you need to register and activate the app with an active TD Insurance policy to benefit from the discount. The trial period will give you a general idea of your driving score and the potential savings it could earn you.

TD Accident Forgiveness

If you have never had an at-fault or a partially-at-fault accident in the last six years, TD Accident Forgiveness coverage will make sure that your premium will not be affected based on your first at-fault accident. Any of your friends or relatives driving your car are also covered. However, it’s important to remember that when you lend your car you also lend your auto insurance, which means if they get into an at-fault accident with your vehicle, you will lose this discount.

Benefit: When you renew your car insurance policy, or even if you decide to get a new car, this coverage will still apply granted you haven’t had any additional at-fault accidents. 

Grand Touring Advantage

TD’s Grand Touring Advantage provides coverage while travelling in Canada and the US. What’s more, if you’re involved in an accident, or if your car is vandalized or stolen, TD covers you for a replacement vehicle. Any other friend or relative insured under your policy is also covered for damages anywhere in Canada and the US. 

Benefit: You are covered whether you are travelling long distance, or short, or driving a rental car. Your eligibility will not be affected if you decide to change your vehicle.

Green Car Discount

If you are the driver of an IBC recognized hybrid or electric vehicle, TD’s Green Car Discount will provide you with a discount on the cost of your total premium. Since choosing a hybrid or electric car translates to using less fuel, this is TD’s way of rewarding policyholders for going green and thinking about the environment. 

Benefit: This discount is automatically applied on new policies, vehicles additions or substitutions. For existing policies, the discount is applied upon renewal. 

TD MyInsurance

TD Insurance also has an online service that helps you manage and review your car and home insurance policies anytime, check on the status of a claim, and guide you through common claim situations. 

TD MyInsurance is a secure service and requires your policy number found in your insurance documents or on your automobile insurance pink card to register. If you are waiting on your ‘pink card’ to arrive, you can download a temporary proof of insurance and print it. You can easily make updates and changes such as address changes and payment plans. 

Additional perks of TD Insurance

Like all insurers, TD offers discounts on car insurance plans to eligible policyholders if:

  • You have two or more vehicles insured with TD
  • An occasional driver of your vehicle attends school full-time at an accredited institution
  • You have bundled home and auto insurance with TD
  • You have an approved factory installed anti-theft system on your vehicle
  • You are retired and aged 65 or older (For Ontario only)
  • You have recently progressed from a G1 to a G2, or a G2 to a G in the licensing program (For Ontario only)

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