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What is voluntary property damage coverage?

Voluntary Property Damage coverage under your home insurance plan provides you protection from any unexpected damage caused by you or any other person from your household to someone else’s property.  

Simply put, if your minor child (children under 12) accidentally damages the neighbour’s glass window during outdoor play, your insurance will cover the damage costs. If the damage is caused by a child aged 13 or older, the damage has to be unintentional to qualify for this coverage. 

This includes protecting you against unexpected expenses that may arise out of such situations where you are not legally liable for payment. This coverage listed as Voluntary Property Damage in your home insurance policy is useful because it can avert unnecessary legal expenses. 

Most Ontario-based insurance companies have an upper limit for voluntary property damage coverage set at $1,000 for each occurrence, but this may vary depending on the provider and policy. 

In case of such an unexpected event, your insurance provider will pay for repairs or a replacement item while factoring in depreciation. 

Under the voluntary property damage coverage, the insured person does not have to pay a deductible to use it. 

In addition to voluntary property coverage, insurance providers give third-party liability protection, which can be claimed when a stranger gets hurt on your property and sues you for damages. Incidents like animal bites, swimming accidents, slips and falls from icy surfaces, injuries stemming from intoxication, etc are some of the most common causes for lawsuits. 

Some scenarios where voluntary property damage coverage might come in handy    

Let’s take a summer day when you are playing basketball on your driveway with your child and the ball accidentally shoots into the neighbour’s garage door and damages it. Voluntary Property Damage insurance would cover the cost of the damage caused to your neighbour.  

Or on a very stormy day, a tree planted on your property falls onto your neighbour’s house. You could draw upon voluntary property damage to help your neighbour with the cost of cleaning up.  

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What is not covered by the voluntary property damage coverage? 

 Voluntary property damage coverage does not apply if: 

  • You, or a member of your household, cause property damage as a result of a criminal activity. 
  • The victim wants to be compensated for the loss of time at work, loss of use of the damaged property or other similar claims. 
  • The damage is deliberately caused by a child or anyone from your household aged 13 or older. 
  • The cost of repair of the damaged item is too small. 

What is the typical payout for voluntary property damage coverage? 

In Ontario, the typical payout for Voluntary Property Damage is $1,000 per occurrence, but this may vary from insurer to insurer. 

Your insurer will pay for repairs or to replace a broken item while factoring in depreciation. You don't have to pay a deductible to use your voluntary property damage coverage.  

Speak to your insurance provider about their limits around voluntary property damage coverage. 

Frequently asked questions about voluntary property damage in Canada

Have more questions about voluntary property damage coverage in Canada? We answer them here. 

Is voluntary property damage cover a type of home insurance endorsement?  

Voluntary property damage coverage is a part of the liability section of your policy and helps provide protection for unintentional act caused by you or anyone from your household.

How do I know voluntary property damage home insurance is suitable for me? 

Voluntary property damage is an existing part of most home insurance policies, and it can come handy in most unexpected situations. This endorsement can prevent significant damage by dissuading the third party from going to small claims court. You and anyone from your household get extra protection from unintentional damage caused to someone else. It also covers intentional damage caused by children aged 12 and under.