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Compare Quotes from 30+ Car Insurance Providers and Save
Compare Quotes from 30+ Car Insurance Providers and Save

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Ottawa Car Insurance Quotes Online – Start Saving Today.

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1: Complete A Ottawa Car Insurance Quote

The first step to locking in extra savings on your Ottawa auto insurance is to fill out our easy step by step quote form. The entire process can be completed in 5 minutes and at the end you are instantly provided with the lowest Canadian car insurance quotes available from our network of licensed insurance professionals. It really is that simple. Our unbiased search technology takes your information and compares your rate against more than 30 Canadian insurance companies to help find you a lower insurance rate in Ottawa. Try it now & be included with more than 1 million Canadians who have used our service to find car insurance savings.

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2: Lock In Your Insurance Savings

Once you have received your quote, the next step is to lock in your insurance savings by speaking to a professional insurance broker or agent directly. InsuranceHotline.com puts you in touch with a licenced professional in Ottawa who can help get you set with your new policy. We make the entire process of shopping for auto insurance in Ottawa quick and easy so that you can get back to your day. Life can be busy and complicated. Shopping for the best Ottawa car insurance doesn’t need to be. Not anymore.

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3: Stay Informed All Year Long

Saving money on your Ottawa car insurance today is great, but if there are more savings to be had, why not extend the benefits beyond your initial quote. At InsuranceHotline.com we can actively monitor our network to alert you when a better auto insurance rate in Ottawa becomes available. Our rate alert service is free, non-intrusive and occurs every 3 to 6 months – your choice. Just like mortgage rates, Ottawa car insurance premiums can change frequently. We will make sure you stay informed absolutely free and we will even remind you when it’s time for your next auto insurance renewal.

Car Insurance In Ottawa: Things You Should Know

Shopping for Ottawa Auto Insurance Quotes

The premiums charged by Ottawa car insurance companies to insure the same car with the same driver can (and do) vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so it often pays to shop your rate. The key is to find the insurance company that has the lowest rate available, but with so many Ottawa car insurance companies, phoning each one for comparative quotes can time consuming hard work. This is where getting instant online Ottawa car insurance quotes to compare the rates from a broad cross-section of the available insurance companies can help.

InsuranceHotline.com is a one-stop shop for Ottawa, Ontario car insurance quotes. InsuranceHotline.com makes finding the best deal on car insurance for people living in Ottawa, Ontario easier than ever before by obtaining real-time quotes from top insurance companies. Don’t be fooled by websites that claim to be focused solely on getting you comparative quotes. Unlike InsuranceHotline.com, many of them are in the business of selling car insurance and therefore can’t give you the broadest set of quotes possible. The power of InsuranceHotline is our extensive list of insurance professionals who cover most major insurance companies and markets and help us deliver on the promise of lowering your car insurance costs. Getting insurance quotes through our online application is simple and only requires you to complete a few short steps. The questions are almost identical to what an insurance broker or agent would ask you and your information is totally safe and secure. What are you waiting for? Get started with your insurance quote right away and see how much you can save.

Sample Car Insurance Quotes Completed for Drivers in Ottawa, Ontario

Below are real quotes that were recently completed on InsuranceHotline.com by drivers living in Toronto, Ontario:

Driver, male, age 52, Ottawa, ON Current Rate: $1,200
2011 Mazda CX-7 GS 4DR 4WD Lowest Rate Available: $876
07/29/2016 Insurance Company: Motors Insurance
Annual Savings: $324
Driver, female, age 26, Ottawa, ON Current Rate: $2,000
2015 Honda Civic 4DR Lowest Rate Available: $1,563
06/11/2016 Insurance Company: Wawanesa Insurance
Annual Savings: $437
Driver, female, age 38, Ottawa, ON Current Rate: $1,800
2012 Nissan Sentra SE-R 4DR Lowest Rate Available: $1,588
08/21/2016 Insurance Company: Lombard Insurance
Annual Savings: $212
Driver, male, age 26, Ottawa, ON Current Rate: $2,700
2016 Hyundai Elantra SE 4DR Lowest Rate Available: $2,330
05/25/2016 Insurance Company: Kingsway Insurance
Annual Savings: $370
Driver, male, age 53, Ottawa, ON Current Rate: $2,600
2011 Lexus ES 300 4DR Lowest Rate Available: $1,976
08/12/2016 Insurance Company: RBC Insurance
Annual Savings: $624

Fun Facts for Ottawa Car Insurance Quotes Completed on InsuranceHotline.com

Average of lowest rate available for drivers in Ottawa who are single: $1,832
Most often quoted year of primary vehicle for drivers in Ottawa: 2009
Percentage of drivers in Ottawa who are retired: 8%
Average annual mileage for drivers in Ottawa: 14,148 km
Most popular make and model of car for drivers in Ottawa: TOYOTA COROLLA 4DR

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