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We're raising our families in Toronto just like you, so we understand the high car insurance rates Toronto drivers face. That's why we're proud that has been helping drivers save money by providing online car insurance quotes from over 30 competing insurance companies since 1994. Our network of brokers and insurance agents provides you with instant, free, real-time Toronto auto insurance quotes to help you easily compare and find the best rate available today. 

It's how we protect our cars and our families, and how millions of other Canadians protect theirs too. Completing a quote takes less time than your coffee order and there is absolutely no obligation to buy. Save time and money by comparing rates today.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Toronto auto insurance 

Why is Toronto car insurance so expensive?

When it comes to determining your auto insurance rates, where you live matters. Your insurance company takes into consideration the likelihood of a claim occurring not just in your city, but in your neighbourhood too. Toronto and the GTA have a number of unique circumstances that contribute to higher car insurance rates. 

More cars, more claims

Generally speaking, the more vehicles on the road in your area, the higher your risk factor of having to file a claim. 

Lots of commuters

Toronto is a busy and growing metropolis. According to the 2016 Census, 2.7 million people live in the City of Toronto, of which 575,260 (approx. 46 per cent) use their vehicle to drive to work. Your commute is another variable that factors into your auto insurance rate, including the average kilometres your drive each year. 

Insurance fraud

Toronto is part of Ontario, which is notorious for having the highest auto insurance rates in the country. This is in part a result of the significant amount of fraud that happens in this province. According to the Ontario Auto Insurance Anti-Fraud Task Force, the majority of instances of insurance fraud happens in the GTA, putting Toronto drivers at higher risk.

Unfortunately, some of the cost of this fraud is passed onto drivers in Toronto (and across the province) through higher than average auto insurance rates.   

This is why it's so important to compare car insurance quotes in Toronto. With so many variables at play, rates can fluctuate widely from one insurance provider to the next. 

How much is the average car insurance in Toronto?

We ran the numbers, and based on quotes completed on, found that drivers in Toronto paid an average of $1,864 in auto insurance premiums in 2017, or approximately $155 a month. 

If you haven't yet checked to see how much you could be saving, complete a quote today. It takes less than five minutes and pulls rates from 30+ insurance providers in the same amount of time it takes to make a coffee or allow your tea to steep. Find out how much you could save today.

How much can I save on car insurance in Toronto with

Toronto drivers saved an average of $128 on their car insurance premiums in 2017 (that's almost equivalent to one free month of auto insurance) by comparing quotes on

The best way to find out how much you could save is to compare Toronto auto insurance quotes today

Driving in Toronto - Rules of the road 

Very few things will drive up your auto insurance premiums faster than causing an accident. If you're living in the city of Toronto or frequently drive in it, you need to be aware of the local laws so you can avoid hurting yourself, others, your driving record and/or your insurance history.

Here are some things to be mindful of when driving in Toronto: 

  • Stop when the streetcar stops. In Toronto, you cannot pass streetcars when the doors are open and must stop behind the streetcar whenever it stops to let passengers board. If you are driving behind a streetcar, wait until the doors are closed and be sure there are no late stragglers attempting to board before you release your foot off that gas pedal. 
  • Give cyclists space. Drivers are required to give cyclists a minimum of one metre space when passing. If not obeyed, drivers can face a fine of $110 ($85 set fine, $5 court fee plus $20 victim surcharge fee).
  • Check for cyclists before opening your door. Dooring is a real concern in Toronto. Before opening your door, make sure no cyclists are passing or risk a fine totalling $365 (up to $1,000 if you contest it) plus 3 demerit points upon conviction
  • Don't drive distracted. There is enough to distract you in a busy city without the addition of your phone. If you're caught distracted driving, you face fines of $490 to $1,000 plus three demerit points. If careless driving is also a factor, these fines climb to up to $2,000 with six demerit points plus a possibility of jail time and licence suspension. This can also escalate to dangerous driving, which holds jail terms of up to 10 years for causing bodily harm and 14 years for causing death
  • Mind your speed. Most local streets have a default speed limit of 50 km/hr when not posted. However, this decreases to 40 km/hr on local streets adjacent to schools, parks and in many neighbourhood communities


What can I do to get cheaper car insurance?

There’s a lot you can do to ensure that you’re getting the best price for your auto insurance. We’ve rounded up some insider tips on how you can save money today on your car insurance premiums.

Shop around to compare car insurance rates and save big

Shop Around

On average, shoppers save $450 after comparing car insurance quotes with us.

Increasing deductibles is a good way to save month to month, so long as you can cover the increased amount

Increase your deductibles

Save five to 10 per cent by increasing your deductibles to $1,000 if they’re currently sitting at $500.

Pay annually to reduce administrative fees on car insurance

Pay your premiums all at once

Pay your premiums annually, instead of monthly, to avoid administrative fees that often come with monthly payments.

Bundling home insurance and home insurance can save up to 15%

Bundle your policies

Save five to 15 per cent when you buy your home insurance from the same company that covers your car.

More than one car? Put them on the same car insurance policy to save.

Insure all vehicles, together

If you have more than one set of wheels, save up to 10 to 20 per cent by insuring them on the same policy.

Winter tires bring winter savings on your auto insurance

Change your tires seasonally

Let your insurer know if you have winter tires. A winter tire discount could save you about five per cent.

Annual policy renewals provide new opportunities for auto insurance savings

Review your policy annually

Each year, review your optional coverages. If they’re no longer needed, this is one way to shave off some costs.

Don't be afraid to ask about available savings

Ask about discounts

There are oodles of discounts. Ask your provider about the ones they offer. You never know what you might find.

Driver's ed can help young and new drivers earn discounts on their auto insurance

School’s cool

Encourage young drivers to take driver’s training. The insurance savings typically offsets the cost of the course, in the first year.

Car insurance in Toronto: Things you should know

The rates car insurance companies charge in Toronto to insure the same car and driver can vary by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, so it pays to shop around

Your key to savings is to find the car insurance company that offers the lowest rate available. Busy families don't have time to call the plethora of Toronto car insurance companies to get comparative quotes. This is why getting instant online Toronto car insurance quotes saves you time and money. 

Compare rates from more than 30 trusted Canadian insurance companies in the same amount of time it takes to get just one quote. 

Sample car insurance quotes completed for drivers in Toronto, Ontario

Examples of real savings found through by drivers living in Toronto, Ontario

Fun facts for Toronto car insurance quotes 

Trends we've noticed about Toronto drivers who have completed quotes on 

Average car insurance savings for drivers in Toronto in 2017: $128

Average car insurance premiums paid by Toronto drivers in 2017: $1,864

Most popular vehicle insured by married couples: 2017 Volkswagen Jetta 4DR 

Most popular vehicle insured by singles: 2017 Honda Civic EX 4DR

Percentage of drivers in Toronto who have had no accidents in the past 10 years: 90%

Percentage of Toronto drivers who have taken an accredited drivers training course: 49%

Average annual mileage for drivers in Toronto: 13,178 km

Percentage of drivers in Toronto who use their vehicle for business reasons: 6%

Get your Toronto car insurance quote online & start saving

Here's a bit more insight into exactly what's involved in using to getting cheaper car insurance in Toronto. 

Step 1: Complete a Toronto car insurance quote

The first step to locking in extra savings for your Toronto auto insurance is to fill out our easy step by step quote form. 

The entire process takes 5 minutes or less and at the end you are instantly provided with the lowest Toronto car insurance quotes available from our network of licensed insurance professionals. It really is that simple. 

Our unbiased search technology takes your profile and compares your rate against more than 30 Canadian insurance companies to help find you a lower insurance rate in Toronto. Try it now & join the more than 1 million Canadians who have used our service to lock in car insurance savings.

Step 2: Lock in your insurance savings

Once you have your Toronto car insurance quote, the next step is to lock in your savings by speaking to a professional insurance broker or agent directly. 

Our drivers have told us that they prefer speaking with an actual human who can answer their questions, which is why we connect you right away with a licenced professional in Toronto who can help get you setup with your new policy. 

We make the entire process of shopping for Toronto auto insurance quick and easy so that you can get back to your day. Life can be busy and complicated. Shopping for the best car insurance doesn’t need to be. Not anymore.

Step 3: Stay informed all year long

Saving money on your car insurance today is great, but why not extend the benefits beyond your initial quote? 

At we can actively monitor our network and alert you when a better rate becomes available. Our rate alert service is free, non-intrusive, customizable and occurs every 3 to 6 months depending on your level of preference. Just like mortgage rates, car insurance premiums in Toronto can change frequently. We help you stay informed and we will even remind you when it’s time for your next auto insurance renewal, which is the perfect time to compare again and save.

Have anymore questions? Check out the FAQs on our main car insurance quotes page.